Really don’t Desire To Annoy Him by Pursuing Him. What Exactly Do I Actually Do?

Reader Question:

There’s this person I-go to college with and then we used to be really friends. Sooner or later we wound up liking him but the guy ended up liking this different lady. Obviously he’s unmarried today. He’s merely very nice to any or all so it’s hard to tell just what he is considering, which explains why we smudged before and believed that he appreciated me personally.

Just what was we expected to carry out? I do not desire to be pathetic or frustrating or any such thing by attempting to follow him, but I don’t want to just be their friend.

-Kelsey W. (Massachusetts)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

I adore it whenever my sweet people answer their own question. You just explained obviously that which you don’t want to be: a lady just who pursues unrequited love, nor a woman whom swallows the woman thoughts only to end up being near some guy.

So, take a deep breath gf and attempt to end up being the girl you need to be: a lady who’s honest but not a doormat. You have to draw it up and put on one large flirt to let him know you are interested.

If the guy doesn’t make bait, move away. Your disappearance offers him a chance to pursue you if he is interested. If he’s not, don’t hang around and hurt your self.

Do you know what you desire and everything do not. And that is an enormous step to locating genuine really love.

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