Google Maps Route Planner For Multi Stop Route Optimization

Some routes may take slightly longer but may be preferable for other reasons, such as avoiding busy intersections or rough terrain. Traffic, for example, is one variable that can have a huge impact on the route. It should not be the drivers’ responsibility to choose how to get around obstacles.

  • This may be useful as a dashboard for ETA to different points (such as home/work) or as users inquire about points of interest on the map or in your application.
  • If you want to share your location in real time with family or friends, tap on your ID picture, and in the resulting menu, tap Location sharing.
  • On an iPad or iPhone, the Safari browser should automatically get updated, like other apps.

Honestly though, the directions compared to Google maps are not as great (We’ll talk about it more on the relevant section). The directions usually use the fastest route to said destination. However, they will not consider the various things like hills, tolls or more importantly, traffic. However, there are some bonus features on the app that might make you come back to it.

How To Get Cycling Directions In Apple Maps On Iphone

If you’re playing music for instance, the app will automatically lower the song’s volume whenever navigation prompts are vocalized. Tap on “Voice level,” then select the volume level from the prompt that appears to set according to your preferences. Apart from that, you can also set voice navigation prompts to play over Bluetooth and while on a phone call to ensure you never miss a turn — even in the midst of an important conversation. It’s important to note that if you have an iPhone, you have the added ability of setting voice navigation prompts from the settings within Google Maps.

How To Enable Voice Navigation In Google Maps For Iphone

One of the modules in the above screenshot is called Map. Click on it, and the theme will ask you to enter your Google API key. In case you don’t have one, we covered the process of generating it within the first method in this article. However, finding a theme that supports this feature can require a bit of work.

Here, you’ll be able to view a full list of your directions. Any steps you’ve already completed will be grayed out. If you are interested in other routing providers, please look here for Bing Maps, MapQuest, Truck Routes, or Google maps at our driving directions partner sites.

Set your route options to choose fastest driving route or shortest distance Click Preview Route. Like other online map and directions services, MapQuest offers both a website ( and a mobile app. The maps themselves are created by MapQuest using satellite images and road data purchased from other mapquest companies like TomTom, a Dutch location technology creator. The online maps consist of millions of pre-drawn “tiles” that live on MapQuest’s servers. You can zoom in on an individual tile or zoom out to see hundreds of tiles covering an entire city. Each tile is a baseline vector image into which other data can be plugged in, like the locations of businesses, restaurants or other points of interest.